Craftsman Table Saw

The Importance Of A Craftsman Table Saw Manual

Are you in need of a Craftsman table saw manual? Well you are in luck. As I was browsing the World Wide Web, I found out that this manual is readily available online. All you need is your computer and a stable internet connection. Then you can already browse through websites which offer manuals for using a Craftsman table saw.

Why You Need A Craftsman Table Saw Manual

For me, a Craftsman table saw is one of the best saws for woodworking that one can find in the market today. In fact, a lot of people prefer this brand. But while this product offers great potential, you will not be able to make the most of it if you are not able to handle it well.

Proper Use Craftsman Table Saw

In this regard, I believe the best solution would be to get a manual. The manual will give you specific instructions as to how the proper use of a Craftsman table saw. It will give you a step by step process to guide you in handling the saw for specific purposes.

This is especially important for neophytes who are either starting out with woodworking as their hobby, or those who are first time users of the table saw from Craftsman. Either way, it is essential to be properly guided when it comes to using such tools.


I also recommend getting and understanding the manual for using a Craftsman table saw for safety purposes. Woodworking tools can be dangerous. That I can say for a fact. A lot of them are pointy and edgy which can easily cause cuts. This is especially true if you are not able to handle them properly.

In the manual, you will be able to see tips and warnings regarding the proper use of the tools. You will just have to follow them so you will not risk having an injury or worse, hurting other people while you go on with your woodworking hobby.

Care For Your Craftsman Table Saw

Finally, another important factor that I have seen in the manual for a Craftsman table saw is the proper care for your tool. I cannot further emphasize the importance of proper care and maintenance for woodworking tools. This is primarily for the longevity of your tools. This way, you will not have to bust your pockets by buying new tools every once in a while.

Do not worry though because as I have seen myself, the proper care and maintenance of a Craftsman table saw is not that difficult. Plus, there are specific instructions in the manual. All you have to do is follow them religiously.

The Craftsman Brand

Craftsman Table SawThe Craftsman brand has been around for some time and it has become one of the leaders in the woodworking industry. It has been proven through time that the Craftsman products come are of high quality. That is still coupled with great services. Hence, you will certainly not go wrong with this brand.

So if you are looking for good woodworking tools, I highly advise that you go with the Craftsman brand. In this case, opt for the Craftsman table saw. But at the same time, make sure you read the Craftsman table saw manual carefully so you will know how to handle the tool well.

IRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

IRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

IRobot Roomba 650

The iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner clears your home thoroughly with the single push of a button. It comes with a patented dirt removing system which works for an hour on a complete charge. (Read more)

It’s strong suction capacity and frequent back and forth mopping motions prove helpful at keeping your home neat and tidy, especially at removing messes your pets create. You can attend to other more important work while it picks up dust, pet hair and large debris like cereal. It however may not effectively pick up small and minute dirt, which is why you may need to periodically vacuum and mop your house using a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Understanding its working is a cinch as the automatic floor sweeper comes with an assortment of customer support like email address, contact number and live chat you can approach to answer your questions.

You can schedule it to sweep your home as per your convenience so that it takes care of your everyday housekeeping work. The Roomba not only works on all floor types and carpets, it easily cleans under most furniture, beds and kickboards as its only 3.6 inches tall.

3-Stage cleaning process IRobot Roomba 650

The Roomba starts with the simple push of a button. It then starts its 3-stage process by first agitating the embedded debris in both carpets and hard-surface flooring. It’s side brush then brushes the wall while a counter-rotating brush removes dirt from underneath.

It next uses the help of powerful airflow suction to extract dirt while filling the 21-gram dustbin from back and front to carry more dirt. The bin may have to be emptied twice a week if the Roomba is used every day.

There however is a drawback with the Roomba where it tends to go around, and not over carpets with dark pigments. This is why it may not help clear up carpets with navy blue or black shades well.

IAdapt Navigation suit of sensors

It’s the various sensors in the robotic vacuum cleaner which guides it to remove all the dirt under couches, around obstructions and along the edges of walls. It emits a virtual wall which it does not cross so you needn’t worry about it entering unwanted areas. Its cliff detection sensor ensures it avoids stairs and dangerous drop-offs.

Knows when to recharge

Once the Roomba 650’s battery runs low even in between it’s housekeeping tasks, it automatically returns to its charging base to charge itself.

No scuff marks on furniture

Its rubber bumpers on its sides ensure it does not leave any scratches on furniture and floorboards while working.


  • Virtual wall technology and cliff sensors prevents unnecessary bumps and falls
  • Can be programmed to sweep your home 7 times a week, even when you are away
  • Uses a 3-stage process to refresh your home
  • Self-charging base where it automatically docks and recharges
  • Rubber bumpers leave no scuff marks on furniture
  • Lightweight at less than 8 pounds and measures only 13 inches around
  • Full battery charge lasts for about 2 hours, usually enough to remove dirt in a house


  • Uses AeroVac instead of HEPA filters which is more effective at removing allergens
  • Its navigation system does not work well on dark carpeting and goes around it
  • No automatic height-adjustment feature
  • No remote control so controlling it is a bit difficult controlling it.
  • Does not sense the charging base after some time so ends up stuck somewhere
  • Battery lasts only about a year and a half
  • Tends to swep carpets better than hard surfaces

5 Useful Cleaning Equipments That Makes Cleaning Jobs Easier

A good clean requires good cleaning products- that is what they’re made for. In addition, using the right cleaning equipment can make the daunting task of cleaning a lot easier. This article aims to enlighten you to the must have the cleaning equipment that makes cleaning that little bit easier.

The products mentioned in this article are basic, budget conscious pieces of equipment. There are products out there which are considered too expensive e.g. steam cleaners etc. So this article will give you cheaper alternative equipment which will still do the job.

1. The Essence of Broomstick

The first piece of equipment each household should have is a broomstick. Broomsticks are very convenient and easy to use. Regular sweeping can keep floors clean and free from dust and other items which fall on the floor. By having a broomstick, you do not have to end up on your knees trying to sweep the floors with a mini brush or a dustpan and brush.

This takes us to the second product – a dustpan and brush. When sweeping has been made easy, why should collecting that dust be a mountain climb of a job? Dustpan and brushes are very cheap and can be purchased in almost every store selling household products.

2. Owning A Mop Is Not A Bad Idea Either

Floors should be mopped regularly. Just because a surface is free from dust and dirt does not mean that it is clean. Floors harbor all sorts of bacteria and other microorganisms which cannot be removed by sweeping alone. Therefore, mopping the floor, with the use of an appropriate cleaner will remove all bacteria and clean your floors to the right standard.

If you do not have surfaces which can be swept and mopped, a vacuum cleaner is an idea.

3. The Modern Choice

Hoovers are multi-functional, meaning that they can do more than one job. They can be used to hoover carpets of course, but they can also be used on laminate floors, vinyl, wooden flooring etc., by just changing the setting on the hoover. Hoovers can also be used to remove cobwebs and dust from high places. Using the attachments on provided with the hoover can help to clean the tough to reach areas such as behind the wardrobes, on top of cupboards etc.

4. A Good Set of Sponges

Owning a good set of sponges may seem silly since they are not deemed to be high tech cleaning objects. However, a good sponge can go a long way. Sponges can be used to wash dishes, clean surfaces and much more. However, it is wise to keep separate sponges for separate jobs to avoid any cross contamination of bacteria or cleaning products. Also, it is recommended that you regularly change your sponges since they accumulate bacteria over time. Keeping a variety of sponges e.g. a regular sponge, wire sponge, brillo pads etc. will also make certain jobs easier such as cleaning pots and pans.

5. Basic Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning cloths are ideal to use all around your home. They can be used from clearing up water spills near a sink, to dusting, to disinfecting. Once again, keeping separate cloths for each job will be beneficial and hygienic. These also need to be replaced regularly to avoid the build up of bacteria which will then only be spread further.

The products mentioned above may seem completely obvious and not high tech at all. But it is the simplicity which makes these so important and effective. They do not require fancy products, any complicated instructions and do not cost an arm and a leg.

Having these basic equipment pieces in your home will make your cleaning jobs a lot easier and less time-consuming.